Unbeknown to me, the mother of a school friend printed and bound my first full manuscript when I was thirteen years old. My memory of reading it back with a sinking, squeamish feeling still resonates. All the same, I got over myself, eventually, and am currently working on my second manuscript ‘Visitors Book.’ I’ve a Welsh-derived pen name (L R Jones, the initials of my great aunt, the surname of my great grandmother.) More information about Visitors Book will follow soon.

I’ve been interested in plants for as long as I can remember. I’m not a qualified florist (although I’ve sold plenty of decorative door wreaths to Romany gypsies, which felt like a real honour, and residents of Notting Hill) but learned a lot from my late grandfather and late mother. I studied horticulture at evening classes while working with Michael Davies as a gardener and garden designer on many projects over many years in gardens throughout Dorset, Hampshire and Cumbria.

Later, while an undergraduate studying Performance Art I wrote and directed a play based on the unedited notebooks of conceptual playwright and avant-garde theatre pioneer Richard Foreman. Later still I undertook graduate and postgraduate studies in Fine Art and Philosophy.

In 2004 I opened a small gallery and boutique coffee shop, in one way or another I’ve been involved in art, antiques and food ever since. Today, writing takes up most of my time, so The Shining Tree is a kind of getting away from the desk.