Creative Friends

Creative Friends

I need the help of up to 5 creative friends who love to read and write fiction. Published or unpublished writers are welcome, as are actors, artists, musicians, poets ….

A small part of my novel is interactive. You’d be required to read two passages (one of these is an email and the other an entry in a journal by a character in the novel), and respond with a passage of up to or around 500 words as if you were a character of your own choosing – this is what’s exciting and interesting for me, you can be yourself, or otherwise.

You’d have to read and sign a straightforward non disclosure agreement. Of course once published you’d be acknowledged.

I hope you find the hashtags below helpful when deciding if this is for you! Debbie. X

#artandantiques #lgbtqqfiction #literaryfiction #northernengland #offgridliving#theletterspage #writerslife

Email me or text 07786 787880

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